massage therapy

There are several health benefits of a typical body massage therapy. Right from reducing stress level to increasing the energy level of the body, body massage can be considered as the best method of getting relaxation. Located in Tacoma, Essential Massage & Esthetics provides customers with several types of body massage services which are meant for different health benefits.



Chinese foot massage, it's also a full body massage, we provide 15 mins on the scalp, neck, shoulder and arm hands, 30mins on the feet, 15mins on the back. The feet are exclusively kept warm for enhanced circulation and patients may drink green tea throughout the session. Reflexology is eventually believed to improve circulation, stimulate elimination, and support the immune system.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is something very different from a typical massage. This massage is done by rubbing the soft muscles by stroking in the direction where the blood flow is returning to the heart. It is very much beneficial in increasing the oxygen level in the blood and helps in decreasing the muscle toxins, thus, improving the flexibility and circulation.

Chair Massage

Deep tissue Massage

Another type of massage is deep tissue massage. In this massage technique the connective tissues and the inner muscle layers are re-aligned. This type of therapy has proved to be highly beneficial in healing the contracted tissue which causes problems of lower back rigidity and stiff neck.

Thai Massage

Chair Massage

The chair massage generally focuses on the shoulder, back, arms and neck of an individual’s body. In this type of massage therapy, the client is made to sit on a special chair with the face looking downwards the floor. As the therapist continues to work on releasing the muscle tension, one can feel the relaxation on their neck and back. Our therapists use Swedish massage techniques like compression and kneading. This type of massage does not require oil.

Shiatsu  Massage

Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage therapy helps in healing up of the stressful mind and body. This type of massage is often considered as an ancient body therapy art for health, transformation, and healing. It is also based on the concept of the invisible energy lines that runs through the human body.

Therapeutic Massage

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage is one of the popular Japanese body massage therapy. In this type of therapy, pressure is applied with thumbs, elbows, hands, knees to the pressure points of the body. This form of massage even focuses on the stretching and rotating of limbs and joints.

To get the best massage services, feel free to contact us. Our therapists are qualified, skilled and certified enough in order to ensure a problem free massage.